The September 2022 Annual General Meeting with be at the Community Center and also on Zoom at 12:00 noon Sunday. We hope to see you there.


*****NEW 1/1/2022 Mission Statement *****

The Palomar Mountain Community Fire Association dedicates itself to supporting professional and community based fire service organizations in their efforts to mitigate fire danger, educate the public and protect life, property and the Palomar Mountain quality of life.

***** NEW 1/1/2022 Doing Business As (DBA) ***
Palomar Mountain Volunteer Fire Department DBA Palomar Mountain Community FIre Association.

***** 8/11/2021 PalomarMountain Evacuation Plan *****
Check out the evacuation map under Documents > Miscellaneous Documents to see recommended evacuation
routes and preparation advice for mountain residents and visitors.

***** BOARD MEETINGS *****
Until further notice, monthly board meetings are being conducted via Zoom.

A notice of an upcoming meeting is posted on by Cliff Kellogg with the agenda and information on how he can be contacted. If you wish to attend the meeting please contact Cliff for meeting dial-in details.

If you have a weak internet signal we prefer you use the audio features of Zoom only.