***** The trailers have been relocated to the Christian Conference Center!!! ***** (8/17/2018)

***** 2018 Notice of Defensible Space Inspections ***** (7/9/18)

Defensible Space Inspections are in progress. The fire department is asking that you make some kind of an effort to clear space around structures and roads. If you put in some noticeable effort there is a good chance you will not get a violation. Putting in no effort improves your odds of getting a violation. These are occurring.

Many of you have done an outstanding job in providing safe defensible space on your property. We thank you for that and we ask that you keep it up. It helps all property owners of Palomar Mountain as well as you.

The Fire Safe Council has sponsored two dumpsters on past weekends to allow the community to get rid of debris considered a fire hazard around structures. They are considering more in the future so keep cleaning up your property and be ready for the next opportunity.